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“The Japan Observatory” at Milano Unica

We are pleased to introduce those nine newly joined exhibitors, addressing global challenges by tackling sustainable issues or original product development.


Promoting unrivalled discharge techniques worldwide

Although SANYO SENKO CO., LTD. was not previously directly involved in overseas business, it has been participating in the textile exporting business salon for Europe/US organized by JETRO in Japan. As buyers meeting during the business salon are likely to visit Milano Unica, they hope to improve the level of what they propose by firmly grasping customers’ needs to introduce fabrics closer to what they want – instead of a one-time-only presentation in Japan. This time, they will showcase indigo discharge techniques as a proposition for denim items, alongside their coloured denim range, which is also their forte. ‘We take pride in our globally unrivalled discharge printing technique.’ They are expecting to ‘expand their sales channels by cultivating new customers.’



Showcasing Tencel Denim


SHINOHARA TEXTILE CO., LTD. also takes part in JETRO’s textile business salon for exporting overseas, to absorb feedback from European/American buyers for their denim products. ‘Our denim belongs to a pretty/elegant type in the denim category, which is adapted to the European market and therefore worthy of evaluation at Milano Unica.’ – in their own words.

This occasion will see them showcase dobby-structure patterned denim alongside synthetic-blended high-density items with fine yarn counts. Furthermore, ‘We intend to promote Tencel denim as a fabric in the eco-related category alongside organic cotton denim, following the increasing trend toward sustainability in Europe.’。


Leveraging participatory experience in the JETRO textile business salon

The new business development section from TAKEYARI CO., LTD. will newly exhibit at Milano Unica for the first time; aiming to ‘directly propose fabrics by themselves not only depending on production by outsourcing.’ Their strength lies in their specialty, such as their manufacturing background; producing high-density woven fabrics with a shuttle loom. They possess equipment enabling the production of canvas material Nos. 1-3, offering exemplary properties for a thick fabric field, particularly men’s pants, coats and jackets among others. Meanwhile, linen material with weft yarn is a popular ladieswear choice, according to their comment.

Overseas sales will be targeted in earnest from now on, while they are already six-time participants in the textile export business salon organized by JETRO to establish contacts with overseas buyers. ‘Our medium-weight high-density fabric was picked up for samples by European/American buyers, and we have begun to understand what sort of fabrics would be demanded with each participation.’, eagerly rising to the challenge of participating in Milano Unica. On this occasion, they will showcase items centring on medium-weight high-density fabrics that are specially processed by washing to improve the texture or enrich the surface feel, also featuring a variation of post-processing. Furthermore, ‘Sustainability is a trending keyword. We have experience of handling spun-dyed organic cotton and can use recycled cotton for weft yarn. We would like to showcase sustainability-related items as best we can.’, they commented.



Promoting unrivalled discharge techniques worldwide

photo_TOKI SEN-I CO., LTD.

Although newly exhibiting at Milano Unica, TOKI SEN-I CO., LTD. has been a repeat exhibitor at Prèmiere Vision for over 12 years and now explain why they decided to join Milano Unica; ‘We visited individual companies in Italy with our agents, but could not cover them all. That is why we participate in Milano Unica, to meet and have contact with more buyers.’ They specialise in low-gauge, vintage-like fabrics for menswear and also feature loop-wheel knitting.

On this occasion, they will showcase ‘fabrics that properly stand out from those exhibited at Prèmiere Vision, with a strong focus and awareness.’ Namely, a synthetic blend with a sporting taste or indigo-dyed items using thick to fine-count yarns. As for promoting sustainable related fabrics, they have been using organic and/or recycled cotton right from the start and not promoting in particular’, according to their comment, whereupon their natural stance is maintained.


Showcasing eco-related denim items

NIHONMEMPU TEXTILE CO., LTD., after participating in Prèmiere Vision on an ongoing basis, are set to make their debut at Milano Unica. They will be showcasing eighty pieces of fabrics this time; mainly including representative items of selvage and jacquard-patterned denim, alongside related eco-friendly items; natural/plant dyed denim in organic cotton and denim using recycled weft yarns, made from left-over denim or used/old clothes – recycled and put back to yarns.

‘Blue LOOM’

Promoting a collaborative project involving inter-textile producing regions

‘Blue LOOM’, a regional collaborative project involving Japanese textiles - comprising; BON Co., Ltd. from the Banshu region, MIYUKI KEORI Co., Ltd. from the Bishu region, SEIWA DAI-ICHI SANGYO Co., Ltd. from the Enshu region and companies from the Kojima region – will make its debut at Milano Unica.

Aiming to bequeath traditional Japanese traditional manufacturing techniques and launch textiles with profound sensitivity and nurtured in Japan to the world, they will be presenting ‘WA-’ (Japanese-style) selvage items made with a shuttle loom under the brand concept; ‘Mr. 33’ (Mr. Selvage).

They will be showcasing a total of 46 product items including: indigo-dyed tweed in 100% wool, flannel, gabardine, corduroy using indigo-dyed yarns, and shirting fabrics with indigo-dyed cotton yarns incorporated in warp/weft yarns. Those fabrics showcased at the PTJ fair in November sparked a response from buyers like select shops with great interest, who already set up an official English website to introduce their products. A reaction from European buyers is highly anticipated.

photo_‘Blue LOOM’


Fabrics made with the only machine of its type in the world

MORIKAWA LACE CO., LTD. participated in the textile exporting business salon for the Europe/US market organized as a first by JETRO in Osaka in December, in which all six buyers selected 6 - 8 pcs. of fabric samples from their total showcased quantity of 23. Their comment: ‘Despite never having exported directly to Europe or the US, this experience gave us much confidence.’, and they will strive as far as possible to develop novelty and boost the level of colour variation right to the end to bring in products at the Milano Unica show.

Their forte is possessing the only machine of its kind in the world: a raschel lace machine made by NIPPON MAYER CO., LTD., accommodating 18 gauge and a back-jacquard function, which was installed over 30 years ago. The texture, softer than that of mass-produced raschel lace and unique to this machine, seems well received by customers. They will be presenting line-ups that centre on the ‘ANDANTE’ series of vintage lace while continuously proceeding to develop ‘recycled and organic cotton’ in the sustainability-related category.



Promoting eco-friendly products

photo_YAGI & CO., LTD.

YAGI & CO., LTD. will participate in Milano Unica for the first time while also exhibiting in PV, showcasing the same collection at PV. They will be presenting eco-related products reflecting awareness of the ‘sustainability’ movement in Europe; cut-and-sewn items and woven fabrics using organic cotton/recycled cotton. Their woven fabrics will include; ‘pretty and thin’ materials thanks to processing of yarns such as the hard-twist/fine-count variety, alongside synthetic blend items.


High expectation of cultivating new sales channels

Although WATANUI ORIMONO CO., LTD. has no direct business overseas, experience of dealings through converters/wholesalers for exporting have increased their expectations of scope to cultivate new markets via an initial participation in Milano Unica.

They deal with mostly silk-related items mainly for ladieswear, with wide-ranging varieties and specialising in premium quality fabrics for spring/summer in particular. As for ongoing sustainability trends in Europe, they ‘would rather showcase items without any particular focus on that category, but instead consider this participation an opportunity to study what sustainable products would constitute.’, reflecting their motivating attitude.



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