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“The Japan Observatory” at Milano Unica 2016SS

“The Japan Observatory” at Milano Unica 2015AW


2014年9月、Milano Unica(MU)において初めて開催された「The Japan Observatory 」at MUは予想を大きく超える多くの来場者と、密度の高い商談を多数持つ事が出来ました。この事は日本の繊維・ファッション業界において、非常に大きなニュースとなり、多くのメディアが非常にポジティブな出来事と捉えられています。


JFWでは前回に続き「The Japan Observatory 」at MU 2016SSを開催します。日本のテキスタイルと服飾資材は、ハイテクとローテクの両極端の魅力により支えられています。片や、合繊メーカーによるハイテクに依拠した原糸の開発力、片や、歴史に裏付けされた知識と技が創り出す「匠」の技の存在。


JFWでは、今こそ日本の高品質な素材を提案し、ビジネスに繋げる千載一隅の好機と捉えるだけでなく、同時に「Cool Japan」に代表される“日本への関心”を、より確かなJapan Textileのブランディング確立に繋げて行きたいとも考えています。また、この機会を活かし、価値観を共有するイタリア及び欧州のTopプロダクション企業と今後も連携し、互いの繊維・ファッション業界が健全に発展して行ける事を切望します。

< The Japan Observatory > at Milano Unica, which made its debut in September 2014, achieved record visitor numbers, which far exceeded our expectations and spawned a wealth of fruitful negotiations. This news has been acknowledged and widely acclaimed among the Japanese textile / fashion industry as a major event.

At JFW, we are pleased to build on this initial success and announce our participation in the <The Japan Observatory> at MU 2016SS. The essence of Japanese fabrics and accessories is underpinned by dual extremities: high-tech. and low-tech. The former centres on the ability to develop raw yarns, as exemplified by leading synthetic companies, while the latter comprises skilled traditional craftsmanship; reflected in a long history of expertise and know-how. Furthermore, elaborately manufactured compound fabrics also exist thanks to a combination of extremities. The Japanese aesthetic sensibility, which is truly fine and delicate and a product of our exquisite culture, is also synonymous with and present in our fabric creation. We are honoured and delighted to have the opportunity to showcase the convergence of the cream of Japanese makers at Milano Unica to buyers all over the world, including Italy.

We believe now is the time to seize this unmissable opportunity to promote high-quality Japan products and further expand business in an effort to kick-start Japan Textile branding efforts by enhancing the level of interest in Japan itself, as represented by < Cool Japan >. At the same time, we will strive to develop our textile/fashion industry on an effective win-win basis, by continuing to partner leading like-minded European producers and exploiting this great opportunity.

Milano Unica
  会  期 2015年2月4日(水)〜6日(金) 9:00-18:30
  会  場 Fiera Milano City (フィエラ・ミラノ・シティ)
  主  催 Milano Unica Secretariat

  Show period Feb.4 - 6, 2015  Tue.-Thu.  9:00am - 6:30pm
  Venue Fiera Milano City
  Organisers Milano Unica Secretariat


Milano Unica Web Flyer >>>

The Japan Observatory
Milano Unica 会場内特設エリア(Fiera Milano City 2F Hall 2)
  主  催 一般社団法人日本ファッション・ウィーク推進機構
  協  力 日本繊維産業連盟/独立行政法人日本貿易振興機構
  後  援 経済産業省
  出  展 34社・団体
出展者一覧 >>>


Fiera Milano City
Specially located at the Milano Unica venue (Hall 2)

  Organisers Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW)

Japan Textile Federation (JTF)
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

  Support Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
  Exhibitors No. of companies / associations : 34
List of exhibitors >>>

  “The Japan Observatory” Web Flyer

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”The Japan Observatory” Visual Booklet

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初出展各社の一押し素材 >>>

Highlighted fabrics of new exhibitors at MU  >>>


The Japan Observatory at MU2016SS出展募集要項 >>>>(募集は締め切りました)

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