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“The Japan Observatory” at Milano Unica

We are pleased to introduce the five repeater companies having participated ever since the first edition of the JOB.


– Targeting maison brands –

‘We cannot believe ten times went by so fast.’; UNI TEXTILE CO., LTD. recalls. They have participated in almost all major textile exhibitions, overseas as well as domestic, including Milano Unica (MU), which they termed ‘successful’. ‘Participating in the overseas fairs familiarised us with the global standard, including how to handle negotiations,’ they comment.

President Ryuichi Uni urges his staff: ‘Unless you sell overseas, you’ll never see success!’. Moreover, although domestic markets tend to shrink, their turnover has continued increasing for over 20 years; probably due to export growth. ‘Going forward, we would like to expand our business with maison brands.’ Japan excels when it comes to quality, premium feel and functionality; even with items such as cotton or polyester, according to his comment.


– Considering MU a useful platform –

Their comments on achievement after participating ten times were as follows: ‘We are satisfied. We consider this fair a beneficial platform to get closer to existing Italian clients in particular. Besides, the number of visiting customers outside Italy, such as the UK or the USA, is increasing.’, commending the participation. And the verdict on visitors: ‘We invariably encounter high-level buyers, because they have come to source luxury Italian fabrics,’ they explain.

On this occasion, products to be showcased will include: eco-fabrics in cotton (sustainability-related) and luxury knit fabrics for sport, alongside materials with a transparent- or lustrous-feel. ‘We intend to continue exhibiting here, to further cultivate new overseas sales channels, including Italy, through participation in MU.’

photo_STYLEM CO., LTD.


– Showcasing Ultrasuede –

TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. analyses their ten time participation as ‘it has been continuously successful overall; centring on Italian maison brands.’ They have been participating in ‘Première Vision’ (PV) with the following verdict on the show period for autumn/winter: ‘MU’s show timing in July is more appropriate for promoting compared with that of PV in September. Furthermore, we find more Italian customers also for men’s apparel at MU.’

On this occasion, they will showcase the thick suede type ‘Ultrasuede BX‘, applying polyurethane partially derived from plants, as well as the same plant-derived polyester, achieving a bio-ratio of up to 30% or so and the grain-leather-like ‘Ultrasuede nu RXSNF3’, using recycled polyester (which won the PV Award at the Première Vision Autumn/Winter 2019).


– Attracting attention by continuous participation –

‘We have achieved results by participating ten times’, comments FURUHASHI WEAVING CO., LTD. ‘We have been attracting attention by continuously exhibiting at MU, despite relatively low amounts for each deal.’ ‘Our feature is small-batch production, woven with a shuttle loom, producing high-density fabrics that have particular creases by appearance; all of which requires considerable time.’ Accordingly: ‘Our fabrics are unsuitable for high-end brands which prefer clean and pretty-looking synthetic fabrics, but appointed by young creators or apparel brands favouring specific tastes and textures only feasible for small batches; we get more inquiries from Spain or the UK rather than Italy,’ they commented.

In this edition, which features a spring/summer collection, they will showcase shirting materials in cotton. They also anticipate successful business negotiations, despite a slightly higher price range for shirting fabrics. The booth space at MU; possible from 9 sqm, unlike PV, also facilitates their participation – which is seemingly another attractive point to participate.



– Additionally promoting eco-related fabrics –

‘Having participated ten times, we have achieved firm results,’ comments YAGI TSUSHO CO., LTD., with a growing number of clients; mainly from Italy. Since customers are omnipresent throughout Italy, exhibiting in this fair makes sense. Conversely however, engaging in sufficient in-depth round-table discussion during the fair, where many visitors come together to our booth, is difficult. Accordingly: ‘We try to visit customers after the fair and thoroughly follow up – to make the participation more successful,’ they explained.

On this occasion, they will promote functional fabrics on a synthetic base,

because: ‘Functional fabrics are demanded, even by fashion apparel brands.’ Equally, ‘We will showcase eco-related materials given the strong focus on sustainability in Europe.’ They will also enhance promotion of their forte: denim-related fabrics, alongside other items.


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