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JFW-JAPAN CREATION 2009 Autumn/Winter
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  < Reconsideration of Aesthetic Sense >

  A creative world and its activities can spread its wings with the real sense of internationalism, and an 'aesthetic mindset' above all, as the key elements. Don't you sometimes overlook the authenticity? An aesthetic sense, somehow intangible,should be well preserved internally before being passed on ... by remaining true to one's own 'thoughts', 'imagination', 'culture', 'history', and 'philosophy'. Let us seek out for a truly aesthetic world with a vision of internationalsm, creativity, modernity, and futurism in our minds, in search of freely personalised fashion !

Each colour enjoys its own expression to the full... Each tone appeals, stimulates nonchalantly and sensitively and performs dramatically... !
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  mark_aA Dewdrop of Evanescence

A Dewdrop of Evanescence
The beauty of interwoven emotions uncovered in the silence of nature.
Dewdrops of intimate feelings bejewelling an evanescent world.
Fine texture and delicate sounds of nature intervibrating..beyond the axes
of time and space. Serenity subdues within patinated and austere simplicity.
mark_bA Beam of Eros

A Beam of Eros
A gleam of intense, ardent passion, overflown from a tempting, adventurous instant. A psychedelic influence, manipulating all sorts of coloration with its miraculous touch. A stimulating, sensational phenomenon. A dulcet illusion amidst reality and reverie.
mark_cThe Artistry of a Patissier's Hand
The Artistry of a Patissier's Hand
Enchanted by an exquisite taste and the finest quality flavouring... by the superb perfomance of a patissier. An opulent, heartwarming moment with savoury dishes and peals of laughter. This refined artistic sense into the actual 'mode' life !

Starting from 'Eco-Muse', integrated in the trends, we are now resetting it as 'Eco-Mode', launching a new direction with consciousness and attitude rethought and firm responsibility as an organisation, JFW-Japan Creation, linking 'ecology' and 'mode' in search of improvements in the fashion industry.Constantly aware of the importance of ecological issues, we at JFW-JC would like to continue striving to contribute to the fashion field with the need to protect the earth's environment in mind.