2022 TREND

JFW TEXTILE VIEW 2022 Autumn/Winter

< Founding the instantl >


It is this precious instant from which eternity emerges. How invaluable all the ordinary acts are: to rejoice, get angry, grieve and enjoy? The end of this era of closed minds sees us now ready to advance, step by step. Let us treasure and enjoy this moment with all our senses, while co-founding the nurtured and cherished instant through individual temporal passage, trimmed with impulsive thoughts or sensitivity in our daily lives and embracing happiness to co-exist alongside with unbridled pleasure. A newly created moment of tenderness precisely encapsulates what we are.

<Overall colour trends>
A palette inspiring supple tenderness and underpinned with hidden strength dovetails tonality that subtly brings with it beauteous vigour and endows a wealth of happy feelings.

- Retro-Evolution -

レトロ・エボリューション - Retro-Evolution -

- Art-Evolution -

アート・エボリューション - Art-Evolution -



- Pop-Evolution -

ポップ・エボリューション - Pop-Evolution -

- Conventional Beauty -

エコ・エボリューション - Eco-Evolution -