About JFW Organization
About JFW Organization


The Japan Fashion Week Organization (hereinafter referred to as, "JFW Organization") was established in 2005 with the cooperation of the textile/fashion manufacturers, fashion designers and distributers, so both the upstream and downstream side for the purpose of further strengthening and developing the international competitiveness of Japan’s textile and fashion industries.

The JFW Organization hosts the "TOKYO FASHION WEEK" as the Collection Business, and the "Premium Textile Japan", "JFW JAPAN CREATION" as the Textile Business in order to disseminate information about Japan’s superior textile/fashion products and services overseas and establish Tokyo as "only one the base for textiles and fashion in the world" and the center of fashion trendsetting in Asia.

In addition, in order to achieve the objectives mentioned previously the JFW Organization works in consort with designers, manufacturers and apparel retailers to implement various industry related events and aims to strengthen ties with fashion related organizations both in Japan and overseas.

Business Overview

JFW Organization brings together manufacturers in the textile and fashion industries, fashion designers and distributors that share the same passion to collaborate and conduct the following businesses with "creativity", "craftsmanship", and "trading" at its foundation.


Collection Business
Collection show, Installation

Textile Business
  Premium Textile Japan(Business Negotiation Salon)

(Trade Fair of Total Fabrics and Textile Goods)


To provide business opportunities where quality buyers worldwide get together to explore accumulation of high value added Japan products such as high creativity, high quality and high performances.

  To construct the framework for worldwide visitors to come to Japan and collect resources of original trend information reflecting Japan unique culture and aesthetics.
  To contribute to build attractive international center for fashion business as a core international textile exhibition by enhancing integrated textile information and promotion, involving fashion metropolitan of Tokyo.

*Related Businesses

  Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix


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