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Exhibition goods category
Fiber/ Yarn     Textile fabric     Knit fabric     Pile fabric     Lace    
Textile goods     Accessory/Finding   Miscellaneous goods    
Information(information magazine/design)     Dyeing arrangement/post-processing     Leather/Animal fur     Machine/IT(information technology)    

Materials category/characteristic
Silk     Cotton     Linen     wool     Synthetic fibers     Regenerated fibers     Recycled products
Pig skin   Organic   Cupra   Tensel Kenaf   Hemp   Stainless   Corn   Bamboo
Charcoal   Banana   soybean   Hinoki   Paper   Polytrime Thylene Terephthalate

Antibacterial,antimicrobial   Antibacterial,antimicrobial   Deodorization   Deodorization
Absorption Sweat   Antifouling   Water-repellent   Moisture-permeable water-proof
Quick-drying,quick to dry   Heat-resistant,heatproof   Flameproofing, Fire prevention
Noncombustible   Humidity retention   Heat-strong   Light weight   Biodegradable
Far-infrared ray emission   Stretch   Washable   Anti-atopic   Mites control   Anti pollen
Preventing static electricity   Conductive   Minus ion   Wrinkle finish   Washer finish
Keeping original form   Crease-resist finish   Shrink resist finish   UV cut   Opal printing
Chlorination   Foil coating   Bioprocessing   Linen-like finish   Fragrance processing
Calendar processing   Silk protein processing   Plant dyeing   Vintage machining   Natural pigment

Lady's wear/ supplies     Men's wear/ supplies     Kids and baby's wear,child wear/ supplies
Sports wear/related supplies     Casual wear/jeaning     Formal wear/ related supplies
Inner wear/foundation/ related supplies     Japanese wear/ related supplies