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JFW-JAPAN CREATION 2010 Autumn/Winter JFW-JC in Shanghai
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Press Review
2010 A/W TREND
  < A Sense of Incompatibility >>> Originality >

Time spins by ever-faster, bringing with it myriad social change as well as the inevitable and severe reality, which must be faced.

How should we cope with such problems ? What could be the concrete solutions ? As we approach the centre of this social whirl, we may sense a feeling of ‘not belonging’‘incompatibility’, an incapability to ascertain one’s own style and position.

Amid such tumultuous circumstances, we must free ourselves of vicious thoughts, visualising a clear self-image from various angles in each situation, ceaselessly searching out the next move in the game of reality , while retaining originality as the core.

Adopting this attitude means pursuing your Originality in Fashion, towards an unknown and incomplete eternity.


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