2016 TREND
2016 TREND


2016 / 17 Autumn/Winter Textile Trends

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Treasured time spent nurturing togetherness and closeness among people as we await the upcoming future. Let us strive to review our own actions and vision to boost our own lives. Key here is to team up with a better partner; backed by vision and manpower, and forge forward-looking creative fashion, transcending constraints and challenges where energy flows converge.
Also crucial is to stimulate and share creativity, surprise and joy to create fashion that resonates …underpinned with ingenious originality and elicit all the ability to develop merchandise.


A symphonised palette of serene strength; infused with luminescent, sonic vibrations.

Aesthetic Behaviour
审美行为 Aesthetic Behaviour

Present-day ladies’ lifestyles synonymous with diversity and sleek self-maintenance while championing aestheticism. A behaviour retaining the sweetened grace inherent in the sense of self; harbouring retrospective yet modern duality alongside a resonant marriage of liberty and toughness. A muted elegance in gestures and behaviour unique to womankind. A playful attitude and exquisiteness.
Respire vigorously and ease into freedom, while spouting an endless rush of novel ideas.

Design Discipline
设计规律 Design Discipline

Constructing a universally liberated space that links tradition and future with a spirit awash with audacity, sensibility, rationality and high regularity.
Draw a design to maximise comfort and safety, a smidgen of tension, while enforcing the line of rules and etiquette and enveloping in cosy warmth with a mind made up. A structural space transcending past, present and future for our beloved posture, inspiring potential as infinite as the cosmos.

Cosmic Luminescence
宇宙阴影 Cosmic Luminescence
A mythic symphony of cosmic rays, sounds and hues. A spatial mystique of comets that dart across the night sky, casting notes of timeless brilliance in a mystical allure. Radiating an aurora and dance of translunar reliefs of shading and luminescence. A temporal intersection; a venue at which optical magic lyrically unfolds. Perpetual fantasy traversed by intoxication and arousal.
Nomadic Nostalgia
面影平原 Nomadic Nostalgia

A pure devotion awash with constant and beauteous universality. A longing relic, somehow embedded in nature and evocative of noble nostalgia. Stout and enduring elegance interwoven with the past and future. Mental imagery locked inside, amid eternal praise for individual emotions reflecting and echoing human nature.