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2012 TREND
  < Truthful Wisdom >

    The actual market is mired in constant economic stagnation, with no clear way out, while 'fast-fashion' also continues to pervade, deteriorating the individual aesthetic standard. This tendency, however, does seem to be changing gradually, as people have finally started to reconsider a return to the origin, reminded of the crucial need for awareness of authenticity and true value is essential.

Fashion is Creation.
Hence we should truly continue evolving by nourishing our wisdom. Work also requires accumulative elements, namely knowledge, skills, links, and confidence, all of which equally demand sufficient time in depth. Let us advance with this open mind set, seeking a worthwhile and creative attitude.

  - Metamorphic Magic -   - Nature’s Truth -
  photo_- Metamorphic Magic -
A desire for metamorphosis, to secretly be someone else, lies in everyone's subconscious. Into an imaginary world of bewitched reverie, where one's wishes come true under a mellow, heart-beating spell ---submerged into a forestry of deep-toned fairy-tale fantasia.   photo_- Nature’s Truth - The relation of man and man-nourishing nature. The vigour of earth. The tenderness of nature born from its own. Embracing the profundity of land enrobed in rock, moss, grass, and soil. Celeste and marine hues, none of which identical. An attempt to breathe in all the severity and vastitude nature holds, with flowing yet audacious grace and undulating emotion. A courageous quest to protect our nature's future.

  - Personal Principles -   - Convivial Soiree -
  photo_- Personal Principles -
Maintaining fashion can be a cerebral thrill, as the target garment varies according to the occasion, age, lifestyle, or trends. Respect your own theory, and express yourself naturally in an elegantly stylish yet effortlessly basic mode, balancing trends and retaining your own determined axis, structured to reflect your own aesthetic sense, no matter which turns lie ahead in life.   photo_- Convivial Soiree - A dreamy midwinter gathering at night, with a hearty, homelike ambience, garnished with enriched savour and ordeur and a sprinkling of friendly and joyful laughter. A contemporary nocturne of leisure --- to share the warm-hearted bliss of rejoicing and pleasure !


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