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JFW JC 2016
photo_JFW JAPAN CREATION 2016 Application 01

JFW JAPAN CREATION is the biggest total textile fair in Japan, held at Tokyo International Forum, reputedly the most popular event hall.
The previous show attracted approx. 16,000 visitors including top branded apparel companies and designers alongside key persons from trading companies and wholesalers with leading roles in expanding mail-order sales market and textile distribution fields. The venue saw active business negotiations/exchanges in a feverish atmosphere.


The Japanese apparel industry is one of the top global markets, with the total annual turnover exceeding 10 trillion JPY (US$ 110 billion). However, due to the current trend, which has seen significant reductions of domestic production, Japan is dependent on imports for the majority of its supplies, while also seeks highest grade for this mature market. 
With all the above in mind, JFW JAPAN CREATION will start recruiting overseas exhibitors with technical expertise, aiming to ensure the continued supply of Japanese apparel made with high creativity, sensibility and quality.


This exhibition showcases textiles with ‘high quality / high added value’ based on our original seasonal trends, featuring convergence of the top companies from the main textile-producing regions in Japan and Asia.


Be part of this high quality show as an exhibitor, to propose your top quality products and eventually extend your business opportunity!

Visitors comprising key members of leading companies (apparel/wholesalers & trading /planning companies), generating a wealth of business negotiations.

< Visitors' feedback... >

· I sense the high standard of Japanese creativity, and intend to further study and research information on trends as well as exhibited fabrics from various perspectives, to facilitate the apparel planning process. (Apparel purchaser)
· Amid the blockade, I succeeded in business negotiations, making new discoveries in terms of fabrics. (Trading company)
· I found the challenging attitude and new ideas from exhibitors quite positive.... (Responsible for apparel planning)

< Exhibitors' feedback... >

· Many of the visitors come with firm objectives, leading to in-depth negotiations, and keeping our staff busy with the follow-up.
· We are satisfied with having had the chance to meet people in various sectors, unlike previous clients, making it possible to extend business.
· Each time, I get a sense of freshness when organising & planning an exhibition.
· This exhibition is an important presentation platform/occasion for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to this show, we could develop overseas business.

The Biggest Total Textile Trade Fair in Japan
Boasting unrivalled scale in terms of the number of exhibitors and buyers among Japanese textile exhibitions, it provides a perfect platform on which to exchange varied information, and details of product development.

Presenting Seasonal Trends
We showcase the appealing textiles of exhibitors; based on the JFW-JC original trends each season.

Domestic & Overseas Promotion
We offer support by promoting your company’s products via several PR media; domestic and overseas publicity, web-sites, and e-mail magazines etc.

photo_JFW JAPAN CREATION 2016 Application 02

Fair Facts

Dates : November 28 (Tue.) 10:00AM-18:30PM 2017
                29 (Wed.) 10:00AM-18:00PM

Venue : Tokyo International Forum (Hall E (Exhibition hall) 5,000m² + Lobby Gallery)
               -Concurrent exhibition : Premium Textile Japan 2018 Autumn/Winter

Venue location
Tokyo International Forum is situated at the business centre of Tokyo, conveniently close to Tokyo station, adjacent to Ginza, home to virtually all top overseas and domestic brands, and sited as the most popular and attractive event hall in Japan in recent years.

photo_JFW JAPAN CREATION 2016 Application 03

Participation fee :

* Standard booth (Special package) - Exhibition hall
JPY500,000 (incl. tax) /booth ... 6 m² (W3m×D2m = 6 m²)
The participation fee includes : (provisional)
* Booth space
* Unified package booth (installation / dismantling)
Basic fittings (fascia board, carpet, 4 lights, 1 table, 2 chairs, 4 hanger rods)
* Listing in the fair catalogue and on the official web-site
* Visitor invitation cards (100 pcs./company)

* Raw space - Exhibition hall
    JPY56,700 (incl. tax) / 1m² (minimum space requirement : 48 m²)
    Raw space rental with both sides open (e.g. 8m x 6m = 48 m²)

* Raw space - Lobby Gallery
    JPY43,200 (incl. tax) / 1m² (minimum space requirement : 48 m²)

< Supplementary notes>
The general reception and trend corner will be on the same floor in the lobby gallery.
For construction on the preparatory day, collective construction will be overnight (23:00 – 7:00)
by our appointed constructor in accordance with the construction regulation/control and in the facility lobby used by general passers-by.

About the screening system
To ensure the utmost practicality and success for business performed by exhibitors and maintain a high quality standard, we apply a screening inspection system implemented by the exhibition control committee.

Exhibitor qualification criteria

1) Company or group (association) - to agree with the concept and policy of JFW Japan Creation as well as the venue installation and possession of the in-house basis for production.
2) To be capable of planning/presenting newly developed products on a continuous basis.
- Screening/inspection by documents:
   (Previous records as exhibitors / Capability of developing new products / Sales Capability / Management structure / Operations etc.)
- Quality Inspection
   Inspection of original products (quality / design / price etc.)


- Textile (cotton / linen / silk / synthetics / wool / knit / knitted lace / pile fabric / embroidery / lace / spinning / twisted yarns / prints / dyeing / finishing / functional fabric etc.)
- Products  (knit / towel / OEM etc.)
- Supporting materials
- Leather / fur
- Textile-related (information / IT / machinery etc.)

Application Schedule

- Submission of applications  ⇒ by 1 June, 2017(Thu.)
- Submission of documents required for the screening/jury ⇒ by 9 June 2017(Fri.)
- Announcement after screening / judgement  ⇒ 20 June, 2017 (provisional)
- Distribution of Exhibitor Manual ⇒ End/July 2017
- Announcement of Booth No. ⇒  Beg./August 2017

<Payment terms for participation fee>


Invoice will be issued after confirmation of entry by screening (end-June).

Please make remittance 50% of the amount by July 10, 2017.
- The rest of 50% to be paid by July 31.

<Cancellation charge>

- From the invoice issue date to July 10, 2017, 20% of the total participation fee.
- From July 11, through July 31 2017: 50% of the total participation fee
- On/after August 1, 2017: 100% of the total participation fee

Deadline for application submission ⇒ No later than 1 June, 2017
* Please note that we may be unable to accept your application, even before the above deadline, due to the limited space reserved for standard booths.

               <Reception is closed.>

Japan Fashion Week Organization Textile Div.
3-26-16 8F,Shibuya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0002,Japan
Tel.+81-3-5215-5469 Fax.+81-3-6805-0793
e-mail : enquiry@japancreation.com