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2015 TREND


2015 Autumn/Winter Textile Trends

  < Express yourself and take risks >


All of us, as fashion aficionados, must constantly evolve; ceaselessly and whole-heartedly striving to take action with the last of our power and with unwavering focus on different views and ideas. It means we have to keep clear heads and remember the direction in which we should proceed, uncompromisingly, regardless of options; confronting our inner selves and remaining indefatigable in the face of risks to come. All we need is a challenging spirit in an ultra-progressive guise … and lest we forget, there is a daily need to perceive and discover a brand new start – which is precisely why we need to fully express ourselves!


A creative art-inspired palette; awash with human warmth and vitality, from all-round perspectives.


  - Scented Splendour -   - Playful Collage -
  photo_- Scented Splendour -
A splendid universe of scent entices our souls with symphonic florescence. A supreme fragrance, with lingering lyricism, touches our hearts and imprints itself indelibly in our memories. Ethics of wafting scent, dovetailing our lives and spirits, sparkle in splendour while demarcating aesthetic essence and human creativity. Sensing provocative elegance from magical affinity.   photo_- Playful Collage - A collage of artwork packed with an abundant and playful spirit alongside beats of modernity. Multi-coloured lux of extravagance; suggestively audacious yet with a sensitive spirit. Graphical lines spiral with an art-mindful nuance and an intuitive aesthetic sense which underpins abundant passion around twirling curiosity.

  - Time Slips -   - Chic-Kawaii Essence -
  photo_- Time Slips -
A tale of poetical resonance; touching our innermost heartfelt depths and transcending generic axes of time and space. Expressive artworks epitomizing a stream of eternity, navigate us to a gateway opening into an unknown universe of time and space. Plunge into the unknown world of aesthetics of human nature, reaching for infinite possibility.   photo_- Chic-Kawaii Essence - A Japanese adjective of increasing global prominence, ‘kawaii’ is commonly employed with reference to the unique Japanese perception of sensibility. Things of beauty are equally deserving of the term ‘kawaii’,reflecting an adorable degree of cuteness. Seeking an evolved style of ‘kawaii’ nature, to the degree of chic profundity, nurtured in a cultural transition to cherish evanescence. Tactfully manipulate kawaii essence for ultra-amusing and exciting pleasure, to be watched and dressed!


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