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2014 TREND

  < Capacity to match words with deeds >


Amid social globalisation, we must fight the good fight, and rail against banality, by retaining a clear and fresh-minded vision at all times. It is also significant to stride forward with inspirational supplies in our daily natural lives, anticipate the coming era and lead, coping with changes. It is equally essential to sustain adequate capacity, so that words can be effectively matched to deeds through abundant experiences, reflecting the fulfilment of the important role bestowed on us by society. A challenging attitude with expressive enthusiasm is required to make our presence felt, like the saying ‘reliance is acquired by determined devotion to whatever you do with respect.’ (quoted from Confucius).


A juxtaposition of refined, subdued gradations comprising greyish pastels and darkened tones with a light-dark contrasting graphical palette creating an exquisite, unpredictable harmony.


  - Profound Mirage -   - Rondo -
  photo_- Profound Mirage -
Seeking original style and ability and respecting the extremity of simplicity by eliminating superfluous elements, lyricism comes to life. A universe featuring an absolute midnight of stillness and a sea of naivety; drifting where waves of melancholic sentiments swirl. Waves of thoughts in a place where spontaneous imagination and profound individuality coexist, awash with originality. Modesty adorns aestheticism with simple yet graceful vibrations while minimal modish allure with caring tranquillity is unveiled.   photo_- Rondo - The curtain rises as an actress of breathtaking beauty begins to play. A fantasy drama of invented romance and past events keeps on rolling in a mysteriously enticing, enthusiastic hypnosis, crowned by the heroine’s presence. The stage, awash with a playful spirit, is a universe of rondo, bathed in multiple colours and forms, an airy yet glorious praise featuring contemporary co-mingling of extravagance and coolness. Theatrical tunes composed of contrasted resonances come together to form dramatic entertainment dedicated to “mode lovers”.

  - Obstinate Pride -   - Eternal Love Line -
  photo_- Obstinate Pride -
Portrayal of genuinely intuitive personal behaviour; retaining faith and expressing body-piercing emotions and thrills through scattered unpredictability. Obstinacy, euphonised with audacity and minute sensitivity, runs through the spine of philosophy; constantly alive in a present progressive form…a sincere mindset to confront actuality while combatting difficulties. Obstinate pride is the source from which an unpredictable touching instant is married to a tranquil mindset.   photo_- Eternal Love Line - A love phrase to be dedicated to myriad relationships; man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman… ; for a thought that can be perplexing, loving, pessimistic, friendly, or insolent and maybe unrequited. An intimate phrase forms an exquisite equilibrium of rhythms that is sweet, tender, longing yet intellectual and psychological. Let us take a soothing breath to follow the track of intimacy while cherishing human emotions; joy, anger, pathos and humour. Listen calmly … and sounds of memories come together to sonant, an ever-blissful pellucid moment … !


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