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Overseas Businesses by the JFW Textile Division

‘Japan Quality’, which effectively describes ‘Japan-made fabrics’ of world renown, is also highly acclaimed by major global overseas buyers, including Europe, the United States and Asian developing countries, reflecting the ‘high added value’ which underpins the true strength of Japan fabrics. The ‘high added value’ can be subdivided into two major categories; ‘low-tech. fabrics’, as represented by ‘Japan craftsmanship’ (technicity of TAKUMI) and ‘high-tech. fabrics’ described as ‘Japan technology’. Unlike anywhere else in the world, here, fabrics boasting exceptional added value can all be produced in a single country. Nevertheless, since Japanese textile companies generally service a leading global market in Japan, which is highly sensitive, they have often pursued optimal models solely adapted to the domestic market, which has consequently delayed globalization. The JFW Textile Division organises community platforms to enhance textile export promotions based on enriched achievements and experiences in our domestic textile fairs; < JFW JAPAN CREATION -Trade Fair of Total Fabrics and Textile Goods- > and < Premium Textile Japan -Business Negotiation Salon- >. It also organises pavilions at overseas fairs; exploiting promotional appeal by forging unity to kick-start exporting business, something no individual company could manage and provides escorting supports for successful businesses.


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JFW-JC in Hong Kong
<From fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2010>

A demand survey was conducted by participating within the venue of the < Interstoff ASIA Essential > fair in Hong Kong, at which major global buying offices converged, through promotional activities presenting Japan textile trends.

photo_JFW-JC in 香港


JFW-JC in Shanghai (Shanghai)
<Fiscal 2009>

Participated within the venue of the world’s largest textile trade fair; <Intertextile Shanghai >, by organising a group of eight companies from exhibitors at the JFW-JC fair and widely promoted Japan textile trends by providing a business platform.

photo_JFW-JC in 上海 (上海)


Intertextile Shanghai < Japan Pavilion>
<From fiscal 2010 to date>

Participated within the venue of the world’s largest textile trade fair;  < Intertextile Shanghai >, by assembling Japan textile-related companies housed in the < Japan Pavilion > and providing an efficient business platform through promotional activities, centring on Japan textile trends. Previously participated solely in the Autumn Edition (held in October), presently participating also in the Spring Edition (held in March) from fiscal 2015, covering both seasons.

photo_Intertextile 上海「Japan Pavilion」


Project to Promote Textile Industry Advancement with India
<From fiscal 2011 to fiscal 2012>

Leveraging a demand survey of the Indian market, JFW organised activities including: participation in a domestic fair; < Source Zone > at Gurgaon, India (in 2011) and a negotiation salon; < Japan Textile Business Salon >; presenting a total of 12 textile makers in a hotel banquet room in Mumbai (in 2012), to promote Japan textiles.



Preview in the Seoul PR booth
<From fiscal 2011 to date>

In September 2012, an MOU was concluded between JFW and the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI)for mutual textile promotional activities. Both organisations mutually participate in the partner’s domestic textile fair (JFW-JC / Preview in Seoul) once a year to promote individual textiles and promote international exchanges between both countries.

photo_Preview in Soul PRスタンド


The Japan Observatory at Milano Unica
<From fiscal 2014 to date>

In September 2014 after six years of negotiations, JFW realised
participation in the form of < The Japan Observatory > at < Milano Unica > as the first non-EU exhibitor taking part. With this springboard, which marked its first appearance outside the EU, JFW continues to provide a business platform to promote Japan textiles by organising pavilion-style participation for converging Japanese companies who are eager to seek business opportunities in Europe.

photo_The Japan Observatory
at Milano Unica

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