[JFW-JC in Shanghai]intertextile SHANGHAI apparel fabrics


‘InterTEXTILE Shanghai’ will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre for 4 days starting from 20 October, 2009. The gross floor area is 115,000 sqm, as the previous show, with exhibitors from 20 countries. The previous show welcomed participants from 2,559 companies, and a total of 49,896 visitors. The Japan Pavilion will be set up in the ‘Creative Japan' area, situated in Hall W2 as the previous year, where 38 standard booths will be placed over 138 sqm. ‘JFW-JC in Shanghai’ will make its debut appearance, taking up 20 booths of this Japan Pavilion corner.
‘JC ( Japan Creation)’, the predecessor to the present-day ‘JFW-JC’ used to be the largest fabric fair in Japan, renowned as a must-visit show to collect information on Japan-made fabrics. Several years later, it was revamped as ‘JFW JAPAN CREATION’ aiming to become a more international fair, more widely open to overseas buyers, starting from the show ‘2008 Autumn/Winter’ , held in December 2007.(onward).

Being enlisted under the organisation of ‘JFW (Japan Fashion Week)’ enabled the fair to reform its vision; with consideration not only of the perspective of fabric makers, but also that of apparel buyers, based on the basic concept of ‘Creation / Artistry / Commerce’

Currently JFW-JC organises the fair twice a year, in spring and autumn, most recently from 8-10 April, 2009 as the ‘JFW-JC 2010 Spring/Summer Show’, which saw participants from 197 companies covering 215 standard booths, and up to 21,000 buyers, marking an increase over the previous year.

The next show will take place at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) in Koto Ward, Tokyo, from 7-9 October, as the ‘JFW-JC 2010 Autumn/Winter Show’, at which the seasonal fabric trends, Autumn/Winter 2010 are due to be presented. ‘JFW-JC in Shanghai’ aims to incorporate the extracted elements of this ‘JFW-JC 2010 A/W show’ to be held in Japan in its own presentation.

  photo_shanghai_2009_01_The main exhibition materials
*The main exhibition materials

  * Fair facts  

Show Name
Opening hours

:Intertextile SHANGHAI apparel fabrics
:20-23 October ( 20 October 2009 by invitation only )
:9:00am-5:00pm(21-22 Oct) 9:00am-2:00pm(23Oct)
:Messe Frankfurt(HK)Ltd,The Sub-Council of Textile Industry,CCPIT,China Textile Information Centre
:Shanghai New International Expo Centre MAP Hall W2 Japan Pavillion[Creative Japan] JFW-JC corner

  * Exhibitors in the ‘JFW-JC in Shanghai’ show include

SUMA CORPORATION deals with denims, and aims to promote the uniqueness of products featuring elaborate dyeing, weaving, and finishing, centring on its reputation as 'premium denim where the difference is clear at a glance', also maintaining certain stock to cope with sudden demand. The company also holds a record of exports to European and American brands, and expects to have the chance to develop new markets in China as well as the present performance.

The TOKYO TEXTILE FABRIC WHOLESALER'S ASSOCIATION intends to provide their distinguished fabric range, highly refined in terms of quality and sensitivity and excelling in weaving, knitting, and printing as well as in its finishing process, to the leading fashion buyers.

  - Post Show Press Release -

photo_shanghai_2009_01_Press Release_01- JFW-JC participation in 'InterTextile Shanghai' -
  - Fair: Intertextile SHANGHAI apparel fabrics
  - Period: October 20-23, 2009
  - Venue: Shanghai New International Expo. Centre
    JFW-JC Corner: 20 booths in the Japan Pavilion
    Creative Japan Area, West Hall 2
  - Detail: 20 booths - Promotion Corner (7 booths) +
    Business Corner (8 companies as exhibitors)


[ About Intertextile SHANGHAI 2009 Apparel Fabrics ]

- Gross floor area (same as the previous show):115,000 sqm.
- Organiser: Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CPIT/ Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd./ China Textile Information Centre
- No. of exhibitors: 2,459 companies (China: 1,743 / Overseas: 716 ) (* Previous year 2559)
(* International zone - with expanded participation of 21 countries including:
            Italy / Germany / Korea / Japan / Thailand / Taiwan)
- No. of visitors: 53,948 (China: 44,402 / Overseas: 9,546) (* Previous year 49,896)… 8% UP /Overseas 30%UP

[ JFW-Japan Creation Promotional Booth ]

The JFW-Japan Creation promotional booth was composed of 3 sections: Trend Direction (indicated in Chinese) / Sample fabrics corresponding to the trend themes + Eco labelling corner / Completed garments
using the displayed fabrics (in collaboration with Japanese designers). A material symbolizing Japan, 'honeycomb' paper (the same material used in the JFW-JC show in Tokyo) was used for the entrance display. The corner which attracted most attention was that of the 'Designers Collaboration', where the garment works created by Japanese designers were displayed as an eye-catcher.
Our promotional activities were efficient and successful in the West Halls 1 & 2 (International halls), as we had many overseas visitors from Europe and the USA. We had 4 Japanese speaking Chinese assistants + 2 JC members speaking English & French to cope with the overseas visitors. The total no. visiting the JFW-JC promotional booth: 3,500 in 4 days.
photo_shanghai_2009_01_Press Release_02 photo_shanghai_2009_01_Press Release_03 photo_shanghai_2009_01_Press Release_04

[ VIP Tours - to the JFW-JC Booth ]

Many VIP groups visited the JFW-JC booth on the 1st day of the fair, including Mr. XU/KUNYUAN,Vice president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, and a group led by one of the top names in the Chinese textile industry, e.g. Mr. DU/YUZHOU (Chairman),on Oct. 22nd . They were especially impressed by the presentation of the booth and commented 'Japanese fabrics are refined and the quality is very high.' We received VIPs from Japan, including Mr. Shimomura, Chairman and President of the Japan Textile Federation, Mr. Ota, Director of textile policy planning at METI. Overseas buyers invited by the Organiser also showed considerable interest in Japanese fabrics and their quality.

[ JFW-Japan Creation Business Corner ]

photo_shanghai_2009_01_Press Release_05The business corner of JFW-JC, entitled 'Buyers' Select’ was
highly evaluated for its stylish booth design setting. JFW-JC,
as organiser of this business corner, provided a staffed business
supporting and advisory system, to encourage negotiations.

< Exhibitors > --- Total : 8 companies

[ Trend Seminar by JFW-Japan Creation ]

photo_shanghai_2009_01_Press Release_06The seminar by JFW-JC was held on Oct. 21, 2009 (10:30 - 11:10) at Conference Room E2M19.

  - Speaker: Ms. Sachiko INOUE (Trend Director, JFW-Japan Creation)
  - Language: Japanese / * Interpretation in Chinese provided.
  - Content: Introduction of Japanese fabrics in accordance
with the JFW-JC 2010 Autumn/Winter trends.
+ Invitation to the next JC show - 2011 S/S in Tokyo
  - No. of audience : Approx. 100


[ Press Conferences by JFW-Japan Creation ]

1) Press Conference for the Chinese & Japanese Press Groups
    Oct. 20, 2009 at 16:00 --- (in the VIP Room in the venue)
  - Speakers : Mr. Kaihara, Chairperson of JFW-JC Committee, / Mr. Nakamura, Director of Internationalisation Committee, JFW-JC / Mr. Kawashima, Senior Director of JFW-JC Steering Committee
  - Language : Japanese (* Simultaneious interpretation in Chinese)

To mark the first participation in Intertextile Shanghai under the newly formed JFW as the organiser, JFW-JC held a press conference to announce the intention of the appearance as well as to promote the Japanese makers and fabrics alongside the summarised JFW-JC activities.

photo_shanghai_2009_01_Press Release_07< Participated media > 15 groups / 17 journalists
*Chinese Press:
chinese press

*Japanese Press:
Senken Journal(Shanghai Office)--- 2 / Nihon Sen-I Shimbun (Osaka Office)/ Daisen (Editing journalist) / Apparel Kogyo Shimbun (Chief)

photo_shanghai_2009_01_Press Release_082) Casual & Open Briefing / Presentation to the foreign press group:
    On Oct. 21 at 16:00 --- (in the JFW-JC Promotional Booth)
    Language : Japanese + English (+ Chinese)

The briefing for foreign journalists was held in the JFW-JC booth to present the Japanese fabrics in a more casual and direct manner, focusing on the trends and attributed fabrics. Again Eco textiles were the centre of attention, evoking several active questions & answers.


< Particiapting Media > 8 groups / 9 journalists:
International Textiles (HK base) / STYLE SIGHT (USA) /ATA Journal (ADSALE) HK & China : Ms. Pony Liu (Shanghai Office) /INSIDE FASHION (HK) / Textile World (Switzerland- European Office) / TTIS Company Ltd. (Thailand) /Fashion Insight (Korea) + 2 PR members from Messe Frankfurt

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